REinvesting in a better future through robotics

Robotics Management Consultancy and Investment Company

REInvest Robotics is a consultancy company specialized in robotics. We also invest in robotics aiming at the UN SDG challenges. Founded by collaborative robotics pioneer Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard and Richa Hallundbæk Misri, REInvest Robotics’ mission is to accelerate the positive impact of robotics. Our successful track record include market leaders Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR).

“Technology has always created great value for humanity. When used for good, it can provide solutions to challenges that have previously been thought impossible.”

–Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard

“UN Sustainable Goals unite us as a species towards concrete goals for our blue planet. Robotics offers effective and lasting solutions to address these challenges. I am grateful for any and every opportunity to be of service for these goals.”

–Richa Hallundbaek Misri