Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard, with his wife, Richa Hallundbæk Misri, founded REInvest Robotics to provide leadership, vision, and seed money to start-up robotics companies.

Humans retain the exclusive ability to deeply understand each other, from how we think to what drives us. As humans, we use creativity and ingenuity to create tools that solve problems.

Our vision is to provide the leadership and vision to help entrepreneurs and startups uplift humankind through the use of robotics.

A percentage of profits from REInvest Robotics will be reinvested in technology startups and accelerating STEM education for children in the poorest of countries through Prakriti Aps.

Esben Østergaard wins Engelberger Robotics Award for Technology

Esben Østergaard winning the Engelberger award

The Engelberger award is often likened to the Nobel Prize in terms of prestige and honor. Østergaard is the youngest recipient of the award since its inception in 1977.