Consulting for robotics entrepreneurs and start-ups

REInvest Robotics offers a unique combination of world-class experience and skills. We have proven results in the areas of business, technology, and marketing, as well as strategic consultancy and thought-leadership. ​Our previous consulting experience include​s​:

  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Robotics hub​s / Clusters
  • Corporate ​/ Organizations
  • Academic / University
  • Government
  • ​Investors
  • Start-ups​
  • Board advisory

How we can help you

  • Idea help & feedback: Discuss your idea for expert insight and feedback.
  • Start-up consulting: Work with us on creating your start-up.
  • Funding and partnerships: Get connected with angel investors or other entrepreneurs.

Please note that free consultancy is only for non-profit organizations & subject to discretion of REInvest Robotics.

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Board advisory for robotics start-ups

As an Advisory Board Member, our expertise includes providing contacts for seed funding / financing, strategic planning, and solving the challenges inherent to start-ups. We can also work with founders on providing visionary leadership to their start-up teams.

If either Esben or Richa aren’t the right fit, we can recommend other potential Advisory Board Members from our extensive connections within the global robotics community.

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“The industrial value creation of tomorrow is to be found in the fusion, in the interplay, between humans and robots. It is no longer enough to have efficient production facilities, which can spit out the same products in large quantities. This is why we need to move on from outdated ideas about humans versus machines and consider humans together with machines instead.”

–Esben Østergaard, Forbes India, 2017