is a family-run business based in Odense. The company was born from founder Lars’s previous business selling machinery for packing and palletizing fruits and vegetables. What began as a self-produced system to keep track of his own machines and performance quickly developed into the platform.

The Challenge

Global warming and its effects on our planet are becoming more real with each passing year. That is why the EU has set an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% of 1990 levels by 2030. From individuals to businesses and governments, it has never been more important to find ways to reduce energy consumption and waste.

At the same time, we must ensure that businesses are able to continue to grow and produce the items we all need for our daily lives, without having to relocate to where climate regulations are less strict or where labour is considerably cheaper. As such, providing good, steady, and fulfilling jobs for people locally.

The Solution

Trendlog provide a suite of real-time production tracking solutions that make it possible to meet the following three sustainable development goals:

  • Reduce Energy Consumption – Trendlog’s energy tracking platform helps businesses to collect and track a multitude of different types of energy data such as; temperatures and humidity’s, electricity, gas, waste, water, and CO2. For example, making it possible to track temperature and humidity levels in storage areas and coolers to ensure food safety standards. This information makes it possible to reduce energy usage and wastage by up to 30%.
  • Economic Growth – Trendlog’s production & OEE tracking platform collects production data which enables businesses to get a better overview of their production and extend the lifetime of machinery. Their maintenance planner also helps businesses to stay one step ahead of costly breakdowns. Making it possible for businesses to be, on average, 24% more efficient.
  • Create Jobs – The data provided by trendlog enables business to improve productivity and efficiency making it much more attractive for businesses to maintain jobs locally rather than relocating to where costs are lower. In addition, 35% of companies that have invested in digitization have gone on to hire more educated and skilled people.


L&P Springs Denmark ApS – spring production (metal), increased by 5% with massive economic value:

Customer Testimonial

Midsona Danmark A/S – producer of known consumer brands in Denmark (Urtekram & Änglamark), increased their efficiency by up to 20%:

“We have been working on continuous improvement processes for many years in our supply chain. We have also had some success with these projects, but unfortunately we often see that the effect is lost over time. Therefore we needed a system to help us maintain the results of our improvement projects”


“If we were to settle for a 10% improvement, then we would be more than happy. But this is significantly more though. The initial 10% you get just by monitoring and making it accessible for the employees in their daily work routine. The rest of the potential you get by acting on the errors and findings the data will show you.”

–Morten Jensen, COO at Midsona Danmark