Tutobo is the first coding and robot toy that features a storyline. In other words, robotics and learning to code are combined with storytelling and game mechanics. It’s coding made fun for kids! Tutobo was founded by Ioannis Ypatidis in 2018 after watching his young son at play.

The Challenge

By 2029, the number of stem jobs in the US is expected to grow by 8%. Within this, it is predicted that employment in software development is expected to grow by 22% by 2029. As a result of these anticipated changes, there will be a big demand for software developers. However, at present, although 74% of girls in middle school in the US express an interest in STEM subjects, only 0.4% go on to study computer science at university.

The Solution

Lifeline Robotics CAREEBO LLR S1 automatic swab robot helps to meet the following three sustainable development goals:

  • Tech Orientated Education – The Max&Tobo educational robot takes children on an intergalactic adventure full of surprises. With each of the 10 levels of the immersive story, children learn how and why coding works and get to see this in real life as the robot moves and interacts with the game board. It is an ideal and fun introduction to coding and robotics for children aged 6-9.
  • Girls in Stem – Up until now, coding story games have always been on a screen. Max&Tobo is the first to provide a real life component. This makes it innovative, immersive and fun for all children. Giving those girls with an interest in STEM an engaging and interactive start, one that could lead to university or a job in the field.
  • Create Stem Jobs – Tutobo has brought together teachers, programmers, and robotics engineers to create the Max&Tobo educational robot. However, more importantly, the education it offers helps to bring young people into STEM who will be the job creators of the future.